Typography Design

Illustration, Typography
A small collection of Fonts and Typography

The typeface Northland was inspired by my love for slab serifs and condensed fonts. I merged these two aesthetics together, and gave the serifs a bit of a delicate flare to create a unique and beautiful font. Northland can be used as both body copy and headlines or titles. I created a layout with some of my favourite letters, and used a floral background to compliment the lovely, feminine quirks of the font.


The typeface Jutland was inspired by Jessica Hische’s beautifully designed script fonts, but with the essence of my own personality. My approach was to create a font that could be paired with both historical and modern imagery, and still be visually successful. Jutland is a display font that is used mainly for titles and headlines. To showcase this font, I designed a series of 3 postcards for my home town, Cobalt, Ontario. The illustrations showcase three historical landmarks that are recognizable in the charming little mining town, with Jutland as the complementary type.


The last image showcases some additional stylized letters and words that I have created, with a more artistic approach.